On this episode of Bridges, Monica is joined by author of the "Joy Box Journal" Adria Wilkins to talk about how we can find joy in the midst of a broken world.

As part of my #sevenboxseries, I share a special wooden box that holds memories of our little boy Blake. #joyboxjournal

Enjoy this interview that I did with Patricia A Durgin on her show, Marketers On A Mission. In my interview I talk a little bit about my experience at the Blue Ridge Writers Conference and my new book, The Joy Box Journal.


During the next several weeks I will be opening and sharing what's inside of my Joy Boxes. What's a Joy Box? A Joy Box is a box that you create and fill with memories and items that bring you joy.

I had the pleasure of joining Donna on her show, More Than A Review to discuss the upcoming release of my book, The Joy Box Journal.