• Finding Joy During The Wait- We spend many hours waiting at stop lights, doctor visits, and phone calls. Creative activities to do during the wait. Be productive, be prayerful, and be practical.

  • Special for a Reason - Having a child with medical issues can be exhausting for any parent. Discover ways to rejuvenate, rest, and encourage yourself, friends, or family with these unique challenges. Embrace precious moments-time is short.

  • Broken To Beautiful - Create a mosaic cross out of broken vintage plates. Discover how beautiful things can come out of an ugly situations.

  • Blessings All Around - Do you see them? The blessings. They are everywhere. If you do not see or hear them maybe you haven't been paying attention. God has provided everyday blessings we are unaware of.

  • Joy Drained? Filler Up! Ways to fill up your joy box when you are running on empty doing random acts of joy. Practical and inexpensive ideas to scatter joy into our world and growing your joy muscles.


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