Five-Finger-Prayers - Guest Blogger Sally Cressman

Sometimes we need to make things simple. We create acronyms to help us remember an important message. We make up cues to remind us to do something or not do something. We post notes in tempting places to halt us in our tracks. In prayer, your child's hand can prompt all kinds of prayer requests.

Thumb – The thumb is the closest to your heart. Guide your child to pray for those closest to him such as family members or friends.

Index finger – The index finger is used for pointing and used in teaching and directing. Teach your child to pray for those who teach in schools. Doctors, coaches, and first responders are others who guide and teach.

Middle finger — The middle finger is the tallest. Encourage your child to pray for people in positions of authority. This could include principals, the president, government officials, and pastors.

Ring finger or fourth finger – The ring finger is the weakest. Develop a habit in your child to pray for widows, orphans, the poor, the homeless, and the lost.

Pinkie finger – The smallest finger, the pinkie, reminds your child to pray for himself (herself).

For older children – Guide them to hold up the hand and praise and thank God. Turn the palm up and teach your child to relinquish those things that he should not be holding onto.

What other simple devices do you use to develop a habit of prayer in your child?

Bio - Sally is a mother, wife, blogger and writer. She loves a good cup of tea (hot, cold or chai), the Green Bay Packers and meeting with friends. But her greatest pursuit is to know Jesus and follow him. You can follow her on her blog about prayer at