Donuts, post-it notes, and gift cards.

Marvelous Monday was celebrated with donuts, post-it notes, and gift cards.

Recently, I learned about an act of kindness that doesn't cost much. Buy a colorful pack of post-it notes and write encouraging phrases (example- Have a great day! Jesus loves you. etc) and then place the sticky notes in public places such as restaurants, stores, or any place a smile is needed.

So tonight a friend, Rachel Blackstock, and I went and stuck post-it notes in random places at a few local stores.

We decided to spread a little more joy by going to a local donut shop and purchasing a couple of gift cards to hand out to random people.

We prayed and ask God to lead us to the people that should receive the cards. We ended up going back to the shopping center and I had the privilege of watching Rachel speak with a man and women in Spanish and see them respond by taking the card, smiling and thanking Rachel in their language.

Just yesterday, my son, Anthony had requested a trip to the donut shop. He was thrilled when I returned home carrying two glazed donuts in a small paper bag.

It doesn't cost much to sprinkle a little joy into people's lives we just have to be willing to step out and do it.