The Lurking Germs

Having a child with acute medical issues made us more aware of the many germs lurking and seeking someone to invade. It may sound scary but when your child wakes up in the middle of the night throwing up-it is worth trying something.

To keep your child well and cut down on days missed from school here are some things I have done to keep germs at bay. These things should be done first thing upon entering the house.

  •   Wash hands and face.
  •   Change clothes.
  •  Take off shoes at the door.

A few other things I have found helpful:

  •  Use paper towels in the bathroom.
  •  Drink infused water with fresh oranges, limes, lemons during all seasons.

Hoping you have a healthy, happy school year!


Donuts, post-it notes, and gift cards.

Marvelous Monday was celebrated with donuts, post-it notes, and gift cards.

Recently, I learned about an act of kindness that doesn't cost much. Buy a colorful pack of post-it notes and write encouraging phrases (example- Have a great day! Jesus loves you. etc) and then place the sticky notes in public places such as restaurants, stores, or any place a smile is needed.

So tonight a friend, Rachel Blackstock, and I went and stuck post-it notes in random places at a few local stores.

We decided to spread a little more joy by going to a local donut shop and purchasing a couple of gift cards to hand out to random people.

We prayed and ask God to lead us to the people that should receive the cards. We ended up going back to the shopping center and I had the privilege of watching Rachel speak with a man and women in Spanish and see them respond by taking the card, smiling and thanking Rachel in their language.

Just yesterday, my son, Anthony had requested a trip to the donut shop. He was thrilled when I returned home carrying two glazed donuts in a small paper bag.

It doesn't cost much to sprinkle a little joy into people's lives we just have to be willing to step out and do it.

Coloring a form of worship

Children enjoy getting new crayons and coloring books. Coloring is a relaxing hobby that is not just for kids. Adults have jumped in on the fun.  Thousands of uniquely designed coloring books are available at bookstores and online. 

Recently, I purchased a purple note-taking Bible with my name engraved in silver letters. The margins of the Bible have pictures and scripture verses to color and blank lines for journaling and thoughts. 

I had never thought that coloring could be a form of worship until I received my new Bible.  People worship by singing, dancing, and praying. So why not coloring? 

I start by picking a page to color.  Then I read the scripture on those pages and begin coloring and thinking about the story I have read. I have found that I spend more time pondering the scripture as I color.  

Joshua 1:8 says, "Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful."

If coloring allows me to meditate on the word for longer periods of time then this would be a great worship tool for anyone at any age.